Frederic and Laurence Caillon the husband and wife pastry chef owners of Sydney’s multi award-winning Croquembouche Pâtisserie are behind La Maison de L’éclair

Frederic grew up in a traditional French pastry chef family. Laurence, his wife, grew up in a French foodie family and always loved cooking. Sweet met savoury and together they founded Croquembouche Patisserie in Sydney in 2000, which since then has become one of the most awarded pâtisseries in town, well known by Sydney foodies and high profile chefs like Manu Feildel, a good friend of Laurence and Frederic.

Today Laurence and Frederic have a new challenge: sharing their passion for éclairs. Traditionally glazed in neutral shades of chocolate or coffee, the éclair has also long been more delicious than beautiful and thanks to Laurence and Frederic, it’s now officially back to the front of the pastry case with both beautiful designs and delicious taste. Frederic has been developing hundreds of éclair recipes and today he’s proud to showcase them in the new Bondi store.

Frederic recalls his childhood memories of éclairs. “I’ve been watching my father making these beautiful éclairs since I was a child. When l wanted to help him making the éclairs, he never let me do it ! When I became myself a pastry chef my first obsession was to make éclairs. I think what I loved about it is the combination of the thin eggy pastry, the deliciously thick chocolate cream and the sugary icing. I made my first éclairs. They were stunning, and frankly speaking, a quality éclair takes far more precision and flair in the kitchen than a cupcake”.